Thursday, January 3, 2013

Birth Story Part Duex...

6:41 a.m. our grueling fertility journey finally had a meaning.
CJ was crying like a champ on the scale and being looked over by the pediatric nurse. Life was good. We got to hold our little nugget for awhile as the sealed my innards back into place.
 As they started wheeling me back to the recovery room I began to notice a wee bit of discomfort in my incision area. Assuming this was normal I ignored it and continued to stare at my little creation. That is until about 15 minutes later when I was convulsing in pain. Guess what folks?! I'm one of the lucky ladies who does not feel the effects of morphine! Fuck me.
They quickly took CJ to the nursery and began scrambling for a new type of pain management, BEFORE I DIED! I have no idea how long this went on before the pain stopped. All I remember is hearing a nurse come in and tell the other nurse CJ was hungry and ask if I could breastfeed to which the nurse replied no. Then nurse A said she was going to have to give him a bottle to which I promptly screamed no. They brought him to me and he latched immediately while I lay there delirious. Some hours later I was being wheeled to my room hopped up on whatever and feeling grrreat!
The nurse came in with CJ so I could nurse again. This time he seemed to throw his latching skills out the window and was using my nips as a teething ring. By the time the lactation consultant came in the damage was done. The pain continued until they healed about two weeks later. But my breastfeeding is a post in and of itself
By the second day jaundice was a word that was being thrown around. We began breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. All to no avail. The jaundice continued to win the battle and my baby was glowing. CJ had date with the tanning bed and we were only allowed to have him every three hours for 20 minutes to feed. I cried every single he went back and went down to the nursery every hour and half just to look at him.
By day four CJ was kicking jaundice ass. We were finally able to leave the next day. Totaling five days in the hospital.
I was still a hurting unit but I had a bottle full of perco.cet and was ready to bring my boy home.

Titles to come:
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I know your excited!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Whaaatttt?! That is so messed up! You poor thing. Wonderful hearing about CJ coming into the world though :-) Looking forward to more posts.