Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was about to start a second post earlier on how I was afraid to start my period before my asshole insurance company gave approval for our 100th FET. The tell tale crampage has been nagging me for a few days.

Then I started to feel all gaggy. Since I've been on antibiotics I figured that was the culprit of my displeasure. Then 'it' crept in. The feeling of 'oh! maybe I'm pregnant'. I haven't let this feeling get the best of me without a fertility treatment in well over a year. But I had one test left and since I planned on drinking at a family function tonight I thought, what the hell let's piss on that bad larry and see what we get.

Usually I tinkle tinkle,walk away, and pray for an evap 3 hours later. For some reason I decided to burn a hole in the test with my laser glare and wouldn't you know it!

                                The damn thing is BLAZING FRIGGIN POSITIVE!!!!

I cannot even believe it. Our RE said one in million chance of natural conception. We figured we hit that lotto already with our M/C.

I'm scared shitless!!!! I'm having cramps. I don't want to leave me safe RE. I felt more comfortable with an embryologist hand picking our champions not my slutty uterus. Oh dear lord please give me the strength to not go totally nuts with worry.


  1. OH WOW!!!!!! Congrats!!! I hope that everything goes well!!!!! That is so incredibly awesome!! :)

  2. WEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to show my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Thanks girls!!! i'm still in total shock. I keep looking at it thinking the line will have disappeared.

    Kara- Does your clinic do a 6 week u/s?

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so thrilled for you!! Amazing!!!!!!!

  5. AHHH SO Exciting! i can not see the pic but would love to whoohooohooohooo~!!!

    and NO your blog did not leave me sad at all...damn hormones :D