Friday, January 6, 2012


I know. Two posts in one day is just annoying. But I figure only about 1% of you is actually reading me wee little blog so for that I am sorry Marly . Your comments always make my day :)

I've been meaning to confess something on here for an eternity but every time I sit down to type my IF issues scream at me from the fore front of my mind and I completely forget.

Back when I joined a TTC blog I was very unfamiliar with the lingo. Ya know all the abbreviations and such. At some point I thought I got it but I wasn't totally sure and just used what I though was appropriate to the best of my knowledge. (I know there's a friggin lingo dictionary on the site but as I've mentioned previously I'm kind of a douche when it comes to anything technology based, web pages included)

After about 6months of using the site I joined a group with a lovely bunch of ladies. I figured out how to do what is referred to as my "siggy"(signature under each post even though it sounds like a hallucinogenic). It was then that the ladies started referring to my husband.

Hehe this is where you gasp and say "ohhh she has a 'life partner'. How trendy." No, I'm straight, but both my parents are gay so how's that for trendy. No not two Moms or two Dads but both Mom and Dad realized they preferred the same sex after getting married and having moi.

But I’ve digressed.

I assumed (as I thought they were) that it was due to the fact that we were TTC and everyone makes that assumption. Then to my horror I realized that my 'DH' was not my Dark He-man but Darling Husband. My siggy had 'DH' carelessly strewn about! Being the true totally afraid of confrontation and judgment although I'm a judgmental bitch, person that I am, I just went with it. I felt I was too far in at that point.

But I’m saying it here and now.

I am not married to the love of my life J.

Will we get married? Yes

Why aren't we? Because we would rather focus on having a baby.

Will we have a ceremony with all the bells and whistles? Over.My.Dead.Body

We will someday elope and it will be romantic and quiet and exactly what we've always wanted. But for now we live in our little house with our two dogs and a cat hoping for a baby. My dream is to get married with our two best friends as witnesses then go to a Bru.ins game with 'Just Married' on the back of our jersey's. I know you can roll your eyes now.......

Nothing more romantic than Bru.ins hockey!

Sub.ban is such a bitch. Get him March.and!


  1. Follow your dream WILL happen someday. I did IVF and got pregnant and now we have a beautiful 6 year old daughter. She is the greatest gift in life. I will keep you in my prayers. I know the emotional roller coaster you feel. I am always here should you ever need to talk.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate it :)