Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick Question

For those of you who have had the unfortunate experience of having a D&C. When did your AF show afterwards?

At the WTF appointment Thursday my RE thought I should start any minute. Thursday was 4 weeks since the D&C.

From what I hear from other ladies it may take much longer than 4 weeks to get AF again.

I seem to remember with my last D&C, AF starting right when it would have had I never been pregnant.

The reason for the question.....

I had a sudden feeling of 'OH CRAP' this morning when I still had no signs of AF.

J and I have no intentions of using pregnancy prevention from now until the day we die so obviously this time was no different. But now I'm having a semi-panic feeling of what if we got PG on our own and shouldn't have because my lining etc. hasn’t healed. Dr. T made no mention of us using protection. But why would she? We've been deemed infertile.

I seem to recall my old OB telling me we had to wait until everything was 'healed'.

Maybe I'll take a HPT tomorrow if no sign of AF. Maybe I'll just wait it out.


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