Monday, January 2, 2012

Working On 'Me'...

The holidays have come to a close. Well for me anyway. All of my friends and family are still off today. Celebrating the last vacation day by eating good food, drinking cold beer, and watching hockey. Me...I'm reading blogs all day and pretending to work.

Next week I'll be starting an externship. I'm currently in sales. Although I'm pretty decent at it, if I do say so myself, I LOATHE it. No one likes a sales person. I for one become so uncomfortable with sales people that I have hid down many an isle in stores, dove behind cars, and pretended not to hear them altogether.

You would think being in the field would make me sympathetic to my fellow sales comrades but it doesn't. I just get so uncomfortable and embarrassed for them. Especially if they are bad at it. Oh dear lord. I could just die. I'm the type of girl that cannot watch the Ameri.can Ido.l auditions because the amount of embarrassment I feel for them makes it an extremely uncomfortable experience for me.

But I've digressed.

Before we lost the bump in May '09 I was a veterinary OR nurse at an animal shelter. It was my life’s work. There wasn't a day that went by where I didn't mind going to work. We worked four 10 hour days and I would go in on my day off just to get my fix a leg up. 98% of my patients were pediatric. Yes folks, PUPPIES AND KITTENS. Does it get better?!

But when we lost the bump I left. We felt that the constant exposure to anesthesia wasn't something we wanted to worry about while TTC. I know there are plenty of medical professionals that work in OR's and around anesthesia on their day-to-day and still bare children but I felt strongly about my decision and so did J.

I never returned to the veterinary field after that. I had no desire to work in general practice and the other shelters in the area weren't 'no kill' so that was out of the question. So I returned to my sales job that I worked summers at out of high school. (I swear it isn’t as lame as it sounds. I'm not selling cotton candy at that fair.)

In September I signed up for a certification class that will allow me to work in the medical field per diem while I'm going back to school for nursing. I've made the switch to 'people medicine'. Something I've always known I could do but I much preferred my biting patients to speaking ones. Or biting and speaking ones...

Since leaving the veterinary field I've had a HUGE hole in my life. I thought that because I was leaving for the greater good of having a baby that we would actually have one and I would again be full filled. Well the baby is still quite elusive and I'm done putting my life on hold. It's a really scary liberating feeling actually.

I’m getting back to the old me people. Look out!

                                                 Wishing I still had that tan too!

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