Saturday, January 28, 2012

And I'm Back!

Phew! Give this girl a full time position and see.ya.lata. blog!

I kept up with my reading but posting....not so much.

Anywho. The internship went great but I'm happy it's over. 120 hours without pay is more than ridiculous. J and I are by no means rolling in the deep with ole Benny Franklin and to say our accounts took a hit is a gross understatement.

Aside from the lack of cash flow and the hour drive to my job site there was one other small factor I did not particularly enjoy about my internship. By particularly enjoy I mean I had to practice deep breathing and prayer just to keep myself from pulling a Brooke meltdown, seen  here .

One of my "mentors" was a total freak show. If I could use one word to describe her it would be rudeasscrazyhighpitchedvoicerag. She was so rude to patients that I would actual flinch when she spoke to them. To make it even worse she has this crazy inflection in her voice, by the end of a sentence stray dogs were running into the building.

We had a patient (grown woman) who had to give a urine sample. She had been holding it for so long she was about to pee her pants right there in the lobby. When she told Freak Show this Freak Show said she would have to wait. WTF!? The patient finally said forget it and wasn't going to wait but unfortunately for her the only other bathrooms in the area were out of order. Thinking I was being helpful I told my other mentor that the woman needed to pee very badly but we also needed a sample from her. She promptly told me to grab a specimen cup and label it with the name and DOB. I hand the cup to the patient and Freak Show has a fucking mental breakdown. I mean full on screaming that she is not taking responsibility for me giving the patient a cup and she’s washing her hands of it. All in front of the patient. Needless to say I brought the patient back and the test, ironically enough, was a STAT order and Freak Show would have been in deep shit if we didn't get it. I'm debating complaining about her practices to the medical group but ya know the old saying about burning bridges...

On the IF front, I had my lovely HSG on the 12th. During my lunch break. Yes, you read that correctly. Everything looked great. No retained tissue. No scarring but I was ever so lucky that she did it twice! That's right folks one excruciating pass through my ute was not satisfactory for the RE she wanted to give it another go. In end we're cleared for take-off when AF arrives the first week of February.

Since O, Monday, I’ve been having some crazy cramping. Today is the first day it seems to have subsided. My only guess is the HSG swept some serious cobwebs out of the old tubes and made way for a Will.y Won.ka sized golden egg. Too bad J's swimmers prefer to run in circles until they pass out without coming even remotely closely to me tubies.

I almost forgot to mention, the ENTIRE WORLD is pregnant right now. Except for me and all the infertiles of course. Every Tonya, Dixie, and Harriet on my FB is announcing their 4wk pregnancies. HAHAHA 4WEEKS! Imagine that!

One happy pregnancy announcement is that J's sister is having her 3rd. I'm so excited. She is an amazing mother and has been the best support system to me and J through this IF bullshit. She truly gets it even though she hasn't been through it. Their second daughter was born the day we lost Bump back in '09. She was literally in labor and delivery and we were in the ER in the same hospital. The funny part is my niece is so much like me it's crazy. I like to think my bump and she had a little convo on the way in and the way out.

I feel like it's our time now. This transfer will work. We will bring home twins. The Patr.iots will win the super bowl and all will be right with the world.

Smell that universe? That's the smell of excellence.

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  1. Oh man, you are too funny. I love the way you write :-)
    UGH about your internship!! I had similar experiences in nursing school and clinicals. They say the older ones like to prey on the younger ones. They will eat you up if you're not careful! EEK!
    I'm glad the HSG cleaned out your pipes and that everything looks good. I hate those things though. You're a trooper doing that on your lunch break!
    I know what you mean about Facebook - yuck. I have seen people announce at 4 weeks as well. Must be nice to be so ignorant! lol
    Praying for lots of good things to come your way!! <3