Wednesday, February 1, 2012

B-B-B-Benny And The Implants...

Well I am once again dating Dr. Google and we've decided that my recent HSG will have me barefoot and pregnant this cycle! How exciting?!

I don't know why I'm torturing myself with such ridiculousness. This is my second third trip down delusional lane this year with thinking we could get PG without IVF.

Ovulation after the HSG can only be described as the ever so annoying and typical adjective of "epic". I cramped like a long run after a four course meal. Being the slutty McSlutterpants that I am I sent J a text while he was at work wondering if he was DTF.

Now, you can all pretend that you don't watch Jersey Shore but I know you do. Just for that 1% that missed it, DTF= Down To Penetrate and by penetrate I it? Good!

Back to me.

We DTD at what I can only imagine to be optimal baby making time. I have long given up OPK's so my telltale signs were all I had to go by. Five days later....AF cramps....9 days early.
I'm now 8DPO and slight cramping has continued. Of course my sense of smell has increased, I’m nauseous, and buying maternity pants tomorrow. Would you like a side of sarcasm with your blog? Served up hot daily! But no, for realsies here people, I’m crampy and gaggy.

I've been taking Bena.dryl since 5DPO because I'm convinced that my body has some kind of histamine reaction to my embabies when they are implanting and attacks those little buggers. I always take it on transfer day and for four days after. The sucky part is you're supposed to take it 3x/day and that stuff makes you look like a walking zombie! I've reduced my intake to one with dinner and one before bed. For I must do something at work besides blog.

Looks like this gal will be busting out some HTP's this weekend. Stay tuned.....

*I apologize for the rate of speed at which this particular post travels but damn I need to be uppity while I'm off the benny's.


  1. I am hoping and praying you get a natural miracle! It happens! I've heard Benadryl has helped people. LOL @ DTF.

  2. Ahh jersey shore another guilty pleasure of mine. Fingers crossed for you!