Friday, December 2, 2011

It's War

Who's got moles?! NOT THIS GIRL!

I had completely prepared myself for a molar pregnancy. Going as far as to tell the other manager at work that I may need time off for surgery. (Dra-matic per usual) So when the ultrasound technician showed me two little sacks on the screen I nearly rolled off the table with Mr. Ultra Dildo still inserted.

Try not to get ahead of yourself here. We still have a lot of ifs ands or buts to cover.

First off, we've been deemed infertile for almost 2 years now. 3 years TTC including 2 years of IUI, IVF, and FET. The most we've ever gotten from our treatments was one lousy chemical back in September and a good 10lb muffin top.

Our last IVF took place in October. We retrieved 21 eggs, 14 fertilized with 4 making it to day 5 blasts. We transferred 2 perfect day 5 blast on October 19th. November 2nd I went in for my beta and got the BFN call back that afternoon followed by AF that night. AF was textbook. Ovulation signs were somewhere around CD10. 11 days later I started to have tell-tale AF cramps. (I always cramp 4-5 days before I start) The very next day, Thanksgiving, I woke up so nauseous that I had to sit down and take deep breaths to not yack.

I told J that I felt 'pregnant sick'. He first accused me of being hungover and then questioned if we'd even had sex that month. Really buddy?! Glad it was good for you.

The cramps and general discomfort continued. Finally Saturday I was so gaggy all day that I decided I needed to test before attending what was sure to be a drunk fest with my Dad's side of the family. (I'll explain that in another post. Daddy issues anyone? Don't mind if I do!)

Well you all saw what ensued after said test from my previous post.

Now we're still in the dark, living with maybe babIES. Our Dr.'s seem to think that there was some kind of lab error with my beta on November 2nd and I was in fact pregnant and it's just not viable. Pompous assholes want to take credit for these babies even if they have to admit some wrong doing.

We prefer to live in candy land where everything is bon bons and gumdrops. There, these babies are the result of two chocolate filled easter eggs and rainbow sprinkles.

I feel I may have to go to war with the RE's.

My beta yesterday was 22,400 which is appropriate according to the doubling standard of high HCG. Which you can take a gander at here --> HCG Doubling. Thanks to my for real knocked up blogger Unaffected.

From what everyone tells me, it is perfectly normal to only see the sack at 5wks. My Dr. made it sound like we had no friggin shot of carrying these guys to term. I guess they really believe there isn't a shot in hell we'd conceive on our own. J has a low sperm count not a sterile one. We've done it on our own before. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it! I just feel that if we don't see the yolk sacks on Tuesday (5wk3d) they’re going to push for a D&C and I'm going to have to get all warrior princess on their asses.

I am not putting all my sacks in one basket here but I'm going to let them do their thing for as long as they can. I will not displace those that took refuge in my broke down uterus.

On a side note, before J and I ever started our TTC journey I always thought I would have twin boys.

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  1. EEEKKK :D :D :D C: How WONDERFUL so glad things are progressing accuratley :D D: D:D