Sunday, March 18, 2012

Answer is not the Answer

Let's start off with my sincere apologies for my sudden absence. My work computer bit the big one and for some reason my phone does not let me post. I've been chomping at the bit to fill you all in.

Yes, I'm about to get on with it.

6dp5dt + Brown Spotting = evening anger and tears.

7dp5dt at approximately 5am Patty wakes with new renewed hope that it was old implantation blood making its way out and she should test right now with one of the two Answers calling her name. Much to her surprise. Nothing. Big Mutha F'in Negativo. Got back in bed and shed some serious pillow tears. Back up around 7:00am walk into the bathroom cursing the stupid crinone that still has to be squirted in the plumbing for what was clearly no freaking reason now because was definately not pregnant. While tossing the applicator in the trash catch a glimpse of the evil 5am stick. Like a true infertile made the decision(with pants still down and ass on the throne)to reach into the trash and check it one last time.


Not a squinter. Not one you have to post and say "it's pink in real life, I SWEAR!", but straight up positive.

This starts crazy person tears of joy and continues while one stands outside with the dogs for their morning poop. My backyard is being torn up at the moment so there is no fence and we have neighbors at all angles. I'm 100% sure I was spotted and deamed the town drunk.

9dp5dt + Beta Day = 2am Peeing on a stick

Test is definately lighter. Again pillow soaker and no sleep for the rest of night morning. Cannot believe that I fell for my ute's old tricks once again. Of course she would kick out anything trying to make a little temporary home for 9 months because she's a selfish teenager and doesn't want to share her room. Up at 6am to get ready for beta that I don't need because I'm having a stupid chemical. Shed more tears while getting ready to get in the shower. You know what's next.....reaches into trash......DARKER!!!! What in the hell is going on.

Beta day 12:30pm nurse calls to stay we have a positive test with a number of 67.9. They like to see it between 50-100 so we're looking good. Call J 15 times before I finally get him and am able to tell him the good news.

5:30pm lower back ache and nagging achey feeling in thighs. These are usually my telltale AF signs. Aches continue until bed. This morning my thighs and hips are aching but the back has stopped. No spotting since 6dp5dt.

Sorry that was exhausting I'm sure. Long story short, second beta is Tuesday and I'll be testing that morning or Monday night but not until then. I will never ever use an Answer test again.

Thank you all for checking in and leaving your support. I'm still a mess 98% of the time. I'm trying my hardest to remain as optimistic as possible. It is awful how infertility makes one so jaded.

                                        There's a 67.9 line. Way to go 5 days early Answer test


  1. OMFG!!! CONGRATS!! I'm so excited!! I know how you feel though, there's so much worry and crap to think about. That is a great line and an awesome starting number! OMG! Thinking of you and praying!!

  2. That is a crazy story! SOOOO happy for you! Praying for great 2nd beta numbers!

  3. Great news...very excited for you!

  4. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Awesome first beta! Can't wait for tomorrow :)

  5. Thanks girls! I'm beyond terrified for tomorrow. Just got to keep having faith.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Lady! :-D Exciting! Keep us posted! I've been checking every day! LOL

  7. Congratulations! This is very exciting. I will look forward to an update!