Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smoosh Moosh

I've been trying to compose something of substance to write for days now. Due to the increase in medication I'm barely capable of talking to myself much less devising an intelligent witty post that holds my reader at the edges of my blog with unbridled excitement.
Well that was unexpectedly vivid.

Patty?! Are you in there?!


I guess it was a fluke. I hate that word by the way. Fluke. It's been tossed around in the script of our infertility melodrama a few too many times. A really shitty to way to 'explain' the unexplainable I suppose.

"Yes Patty, you've had multiple miscarriages but there haven't been any significant findings. It's just a fluke."

To me;  fluke = insignificant happening.

Miscarriage = pretty F'in important

Wow! Did you all just follow that twisted trip you went on? I'm not sure what just happened but an unexpected tangent unfolded.


Went for another ultrasound Friday and all’s well in Ye Olde Ute. Nice, thick, and ready for a some *Bros to stick. The transfer should be Thursday. I, of course, can't fight the feeling that they will call us and say none of our bros survived the thaw, in which case I will have to be committed.

Dr. T wrote me a script for Val.ium. For some strange reason my clinic does not do Val.ium on the day of transfer unless so requested by the patient. So in an effort to pull out all the stops on this 45,735,085 treatment I so requested it.

For all you ladies that have taken this on transfer day, from what I understand that's everyone that's had a transfer besides me, do you know how many milligrams you were given? As I've mentioned before I previously took meds for my anxiety which at one point included Loraz.epam (a sister drug of diazepam = val.ium) and it was 1mg. Well my prescription is for two 5 mg pills!!

Script reads as follows:
Valium 5mg
# Two
T-TT 30 min before embryo transfer

Does this seem a little excessive to anyone else? I'm afraid I'll be running around the clinic bare assed in my Johnny talking nonsense to the walls!

*Bros are what we call our embryos/blasts. I was not referring to getting my smoosh on with multiple gentlemen


  1. I really need to ask my clinic about this, lol... Enjoy and try to only run around 1/2 bare assed :)

  2. Your posts make me laugh out loud! Thanks for that! Yeah, my clinic doesn't do Valium either. I've been feeling a little left out too.

  3. LOL!! Hmm, that sounds like a nice dose to me!!! hehe. Idk, I'd probably only take one of those bad boys. I am keeping you in my prayers and hoping so much that this is FINALLY it. I know what you mean about the "fluke" is it just flukey or bad luck or something? :-( I guess that's better than having something badly wrong with you, but still...
    Hugs! Thinking of you!!