Monday, March 5, 2012

Fatty Boomba Patty

This is the typical time in a cycle where I get totally crazy with my body image and I know that but I'm still not used to it.


That is what I weighed when I started dating J. No way in hell am I putting down today's pounder. How did this happen? One day I could sit down in a bikini and be totally comfortable then BAM the muffin man is living in my jeans!

What is going to happen if this infertile ever gets knocked up? Will J need to wheel me around in a barrel? Will I have my own TCL program...600lb barren woman?

I eat the same way I always have and yes I know I'm 6 years older but what in Fat Albert's name is going on??

At this point in the FET the bloating is amazing. A girl always likes her body just a little more in the morning. Everything seems a little smaller in the waist region. Not this water retaining faux menopausal mess. I look like I just ate a Big Ma.c before I crawled out of bed.

NOM! NOM! NOM! Two all-beef patties, lettuce, pickles, onions, special sauce, all on my big fat bun!

Have any of you gained weight since starting fertility treatments?

If you're contemplating leaving a comment about how you lost weight while on fertility treatments please leave your address under your comment so I can pay you a personal visit. ::::::rolls eyes to the point of ocular discomfort::::


  1. I have gained about 30 pounds during treatments. I am on lower end now since I have changed my diet but when I am actively going through treatments the weight returns.

  2. Since I went off of birth control in June of 2009 I've gained 50 lbs. I was 160 lbs steady... Now, well people can add. It's horrible.. stupid drugs... and stupid PCOS/endo...I know your pain! :( I was in bikini too! Damn, not I've got a tankini with a "skirt" .... GRRRR...

  3. I honestly considered shopping for some maternity pants last weekend due to the bloat, it's been that bad.

  4. Oh good god, I've gained almost 40 pounds....which looks awesome on a 5 foot nothing petite frame. Sweet ass infertility. Still laughing at "what in Fat Albert's name is going on?" Girl, you crack me up!

  5. sadly i did as well - and the whole PCOS throwing my body out of wack does not and did not help- i oftne say to DH - you best love me when i am the size of a house
    I am suddnely fearing the changes my body will go through in the next 7 months - however i will embrace them and make a plan of fitness for after baby is here- im sure you are still beyond beauitufl and that is what counts :D