Saturday, March 24, 2012

Limbo Bimbo

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but when I'm pregnant I'm an idiot. I know. I know. Eye're only 5 weeks pregnant. You're just an idiot. But I swear baby brain is real people and it's no joke.

I manage a service and installation company and have been there for 11 years (moonlighted as a veterinary nurse in there too). As of late, I'm pretty sure our customers just assume I'm new. The estrace makes me pretty soft to start but this is just hilarious. I forget what I'm talking about midsentence. My tongue is now too big for my mouth so stuttering is pretty common. My memory was left somewhere in Wal.mart about three weeks ago. I think.

I recently hired two new employees and I cannot even imagine what they must think of me. They probably assume I slept my way through the company and because we're in the 3 month wait limbo I have no explaination for my bimbo behavior. Just wait until I start showing.

Aside from being dumb there aren’t too many pressing matters in my life. Just trying to hold onto this baby for dear life. There hasn't been cramping or spotting. My ta-tas are sore and my nausea is getting worse. I take all those things as a sign that something is continuing to grow in the ole ute but we all know that doesn't mean a heart is beating.

The ultrasound is scheduled for April 5th and I think I may pass out when senior dildocam makes his debut.

 This is more stress than I ever anticipated and here I thought getting knocked up was the hard part.

I'll have you know that the last sentence originally went as follows: "This is more stress than I ever anticipated and here I thought I was getting knocked up with the hard part." Apparently I got knocked up with the soft part. Yes, dirty I know but technically that catheter was soft!


  1. Ohh my, I just burst out laughing!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Your wal-mart comment made me laugh because I went there the other day and because of the interesting scenery completely forgot what I went in there for!

  2. OMG LMAO!! You are too funny!
    Well, this sucks! I hope it gets better lol :-)