Monday, March 12, 2012

Transfer Day

Better late than never right?

Let's start by saying that a 5:00pm transfer both sucks and blows proves beneficial. The sucky part was obviously waiting I had convinced myself that they were going to call us at any point and say the Bros had arrested and we were donzo but they didn't. The beneficial part was coming home at 7:00pm and sleeping off the Val all night without worrying about moving around.

We got to the clinic an hour early for my acupuncture appointment. I have heard sooo many good things about acupuncture. The relaxation, increased blood flow, and all around Zen experience. I hated it. I cannot turn my brain off and lie there for 25 minutes, especially not before my transfer. I was positioned on my stomach with my face in that little hole at the head of the table. I can only imagine that is what birth feels like to a baby. Far from comfortable. Also the fact that needles were poking in my body made me not want to move for fear that I would send one piercing through a nerve somewhere. I laid there rigid for 25 minutes. Not my idea of relaxing. Next time maybe a pre-transfer massage. I think I could get into that.

So after the poking session I took my Val. and was whisked away to the surgery suite to wait for it to kick in. That shit is f'awesome. I completely recommend it. I've never felt so relaxed in my life and it reduced my cramping afterward to nothing. So while that was in full effect the embryologist came over to tell us what we had in the Bro department. Two perfect blasts with one hatching. I made him tell me twice. I giggled and clapped (thank you Val). J was a wee bit embarrassed but whatev. Everything went off without a hitch.

Until Saturday.

My biggest fear through this whole process was that I would start AF. As you may recall my lining was initially too thin resulting in an up in meds and an additional week taking said meds. AF was due Saturday and with her due date came my typical 'you’re going to have your period in 4 days' cramps. Naturally I’m a nut case and checking me undies every 15 minutes just waiting for her to show up. I pray the meds keep her at bay long enough for these little buggers to implant but I’m terrified.

Send some good vibes this way that AF never ever shows her bitch face again.

My beta is St. Patty's Day. Sticks with our green theme nicely!

Thank you ladies so much for all your support. It really does mean so much to me, you have no idea.
Who needs lettuce when they make green doughnuts?! NOM NOM NOM


  1. Crap. Now I want a doughnut. And valium. Sending 'stay away bitch face' vibes your way!

    From what I've heard, the first accupuncture session can be hard to get through, but the ones afterwards can be uh-mazing. If we have to go through this crap again, I'm definitely giving it a try.

  2. haha, yes acupuncture can be odd at first! Especially when you're really anxious about something. I totally love it though, during other times in my cycle. I need to get back into it, but it gets expensive.

    I'm SOO SOOO happy that you have 2 perfect babies!! I'm glad the Valium helped :-) I will keep that in mind!

    Praying that your lining is holding up perfectly! Maybe the cramping will be a good sign that your babies are getting snug really early. Stay away AF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with the acupuncture thing, I'm always too big of a chicken! Sending stay away AF vibes your way and hoping the cramps maybe are just nothing. Now I'm going to go find a green donut.

  4. Thinking of you, Patty! Hoping you get wonderful news tomorrow!