Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beta Data

Once again I apologize for my tardiness. We've had a sudden spike of warm weather here in New England and that instantly creates craziness at my workplace.

As you may recall Beta #2 was Tuesday.

As promised I tested Monday night to prepare myself for what was to come. The test came back nice and dark and definately doubley(word? I'm not sure) darker than the previous test from Saturday. Feeling pretty darn confident in my britches I woke the following morning ready to take that beta head on. When the nurse finally called me at 3:30 I was back to nervous and ready for bad news as usual. Immediately I hear in her voice that it's good news and she then says "I have GREAT news!"(This particular nurse is super sweet unlike nurse Fertile with her 10 kids whom is quite cold)"Your beta number came back within normal range, 170." She proceeded to blab about continuing my meds and ultrasounds but I had completely blocked her out at that point.

What do you mean 170 is great news?! My first beta was Saturday with a 67.9. Second beta was Tuesday with a 170. A good number would have been 200 or above. Not a little more than doubled. Am I right here girlies? Appartenly my Dr.'s office only does betas every 72hours and only expects to see doubling.

I keep telling myself  that they are one of the top RE offices in the country and obviously they know what works. But all the RE wanna be's on Dr. Google go on and on about doubling every 48 hrs. Speaking freaking annoying is that when you google betas the majority of stories are woman concerned about twins? Argh gag me.

So I always expected, with each hurtle cleared more anxiety rises up against me. I wish I could just be a pregnant fertile person ignorantly telling everyone I'm 5wks pregnant on Saturday. Making an official FB post. Oh well. No more betas for this girl and our first ultrasound will be sometime after April 5th. They are calling to schedule it today.

On the plus side no more spotting and cramping just comes and goes which I've now told myself is normal. Just taking it one day at a time here folks.


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry hun. I can relate to that pic/quote you posted. I wish it was easy and everything was MORE than perfect! They do say every 72 hours is fine, but when you've had bad experiences, it's really hard. I understand the worrying. I think it sounds great & promising, and I'm praying really hard for you! I've been thinking of you a lot! *Sticky sticky sticky vibes* <3 <3

  2. I'd be confused too! Sending lots of prayers and patience your way! This one day at a time stuff is BS!

  3. I'm naive when it comes to betas so I don't have any help for ya but still keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Ahh to be a giddy fertile person, oh well a person can dream right?

  4. Hopefully they know what they are talking about huh? I am afraid I know nothing about numbers. I do love that quote though, I may have to borrow it.

  5. I've been away and missed your BFP! I'll say congratulations, even though you're in beta hell. I don't want to blow smoke up your ass and tell you everything's going to be fine, but I will say that 'normal' doubling time is up to 72 hours, and I've heard that betas are often slower to start with frosties. Believe me, I know all too well that place you're in right now of not knowing if you should jump up and down for joy or throw yourself off a cliff (not to be too dramatic or anything). I hope the days leading up to the 5th aren't too agonizing and that your tests continue to darken and that you have a perfect ultrasound on the 5th.