Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Call Me Panic Patty

I've always been a worrier, turning the smallest details of life into endless sleepless nights.

Lately, this has been waaaay out of control. Each night I wake at 3:30 a.m. with a fleeting thought about something and I stew on it until I'm nauseous. I know all I would have to do is call my Dr. and he would prescribe Lora.zepam to help me sleep but I'm too paranoid to take it while TTC.

Disclaimer: There are no deep seeded issues that I am having anxiety over. They are the most ridiculous things and when I wake and think about them on a clear head I can't even understand why I was worrying about them. My Dr. thinks it's something to do with my blood sugar becoming low and affecting other body functions.


Are there any of you out there who deal with anxiety? What do you do while TTC? Do you medicate or do you have another way of dealing?

I wonder if there is something different I can do during the day to ward off these attacks.
Still no sign of AF.

I'm grateful that if this cycle is a bust it just signifies the start of our FET rather than a total failure. Definitely not looking forward to starting the vomitogen(estrace tabs). Those itty bitty pills make me so sick it's crazy.

Do you ladies get sick on those pills?

I'm talking barely passing as a human being for the entire cycle due to those little fuckers. The patches probably add to the hell that is my existence during that time.

Of course it's just in time for my work schedule to pick up. I've been working like a mad woman this week in an effort to get as much done as possible before I become a pile of estrogen.

But I'll be testing tomorrow morning just to be sure I can have a few beers at the super bowl party tomorrow. Don't worry I will keep you all up to date on my peeing activities.

Speaking of the super bowl....

I'm so.friggin.nervousEXCITED! Big games like this make me a bundle of nerves. I have a hard time watching it. Similar to the Ameri.can Idol auditions. It's like watching someone you love attempt something so huge in their life that could go either amazing or awful.

Yes, I do in fact feel that intimately close to my New Pat.riots.
Pat the Patriot. Panic Patty. Coincidence? I think not.

This just makes me laugh.

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  1. LOL, you crack me up! :-)

    I can understand the general anxiety and sleeplessness. I started having more of that when we really got into TTC. BUT I also have a pre-existing anxiety disorder...and it sucks. I do take medication. I was paranoid at first, but I've asked my general practitioner, my OBGYN, my psychiatrist, and my RE...all say it's just fine.

    I try to do other things though because meds don't get rid of all of it. I try to exercise and eat right. That's not always easy. I read, write, do relaxation techniques. There are some lovely guided relaxation CD's you can use. Have you heard of Circle and Bloom? Check that out. It is superb.

    Ugh, I hate estrogen tablets. They don't make me sick, but they make me moody! I hope this cycle is a success and you won't need them :-)

    Good luck to your team! I'm not really rooting for anyone :-)