Saturday, February 11, 2012


Maybe I should make all my posts start with 'S' until we finally get pregnant. Now that would be irritating wouldn't it?

So ya, spotting today. It didn't bring much comfort and who knows if it will amount into anything. The RE who performed my HSG said my lining was top notch and that was 3 weeks ago so there should be some type of show here!

I just want to start the FET meds and get this show on the road. Once things get rolling I think I’ll be able to move back into a positive light.

Any who.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I had these grand dreams of taking J away for the night and staying in a luxurious hotel with dinner in bed and too much champagne but instead I will be at a casino for a work conference. Mind you, Tuesday is usually my day off but nope I'll be listening to one speaker after another blabbing about topics of unimaginable boredom. White noise would bring more excitement than these guys.

 I considered having J drive in with me and gamble the day away until I was free then staying the night but NOPE once again. I have to work the next morning. J's not much of a gambler or a 'spend time by himself in a casino' guy so I guess that wouldn't have really worked anyway.

Looks like we're settling for dinner and a drink at local restaurant and topping the night off by catching up on the DVR.


Negative Nancy & Mr. No No


  1. I can relate to Valentine's Day. I have to teach that night and wont be home until late. I'm also waiting to do FET, but it looks like I'm on hold for a bit. I hope this is the cycle for you!

  2. I hope you guys have a nice Vday. We're not doing anything exciting either. Hoping you can get the show on the road here soon! FX!