Monday, February 13, 2012

My Sweaty Valentine

Well her flight finally landed around Saturday afternoon. Apparently she was cramped in coach putting her in an awful mood because let me tell you folks she was angry as Honey Badger yet again. After a glass of wine, Tylenol,  and a couple Life.time movies she calmed down but phew that was a rough 24 hours.

I started pumping myself with estrogen on Sunday morning and as of yet I feel fine. I know all too well that tomorrow will be a different story entirely. The day will be spent with the opposite sex and therefore clueless about my fertility treatments. This will, in turn force me to hide my gagging and all around unpleasant disposition. One of the idiots gentlemen whom will be in attendance for tomorrow's awful awesome conference suggested we stay and gamble for a couple hours after.

I may have flipped out.

Ok so maybe I've had a few side effects from the meds already.


As I mentioned in my previous post J and I are celebrating Valentine's Day tonight. We've decided to make the dinner even more ridiculous and go when I get out of work at 4:30.
What's more romantic than the early bird special? I've got a couple of gray's that have gone unattended, could probably rustle up a cat sweater, and we won't have any children with us, maybe we'll get the senior discount?!
J actually asked me if he could wear sweat pants.


Patty- Are you kidding me?
J - What babe it's only (insert local semi hillbilly restaurant here)?
Patty - You can wear a sweatshirt but you're at least wearing jeans.
J - Gotta go babe, I got laundry to do.

I secretly wish I could wear sweatpants.


  1. Not gonna lie, the sweatpants conversation has happened in my house too! Sorry that flo was such a brat over the weekend. Hopefully she won't allow you to physically hurt any men tomorrow :) Enjoy your valentine's dinner!

  2. Haha you always make me crack up... Happy Valentines day :)

  3. LOL!!! So excited for you this cycle!!!!!
    My blog is private now. I deleted my FB page. If you would like to view my blog, can you send me your email address? Mine is

  4. I agree- i often wish that i could come to work in my comfy clothes (as i dont wear sweats out of the house and really only have yoga pants) lol but why cant we?? lol
    Thanks for you comments we are estatic :D