Monday, February 27, 2012

Doesn't The Universe Know I'm Crazy...

 I know you all have been checking daily for a new and always interesting post from yours truly and have been let down. Well let-downs are a dime a dozen these days so here's a few more.

Wednesday I received a letter from my clinic letting us know that we owe $780.00 in storage fees for our frozen embryos/blasts. A fee that is to only be incurred should our snow babies remain in "storage" for a year. February makes one year since we started IVF, but by no means are those same snow babies the ones that remain on ice today. They were procured 4 months ago in October. I plan to address the matter but not until after the transfer.

Saturday was spent with the stomach flu starting at about 5am. The dreaded Little Blue Pills already cause 24/7 pukey so the flu was just spectacular. A real one for the text books. J had an alumni hockey game against an old high school rival that he's been excited about since he graduated 12 years ago and I had to miss it. After the game, all of our friends met at a local bar for it's final night as its closing. I warmed the couch by watched Dawn, Some.thing Borrowed, and 10 episodes of Big Theo.ry. J then was dropped off feeling more than a little relaxed which lead to mio sleeping in our spare bedroom due to the smell of alcohol on his breath making me want to suffocate him in his sleep. The mattress in the spare bedroom sucks eggs therefore I slept like crap.

Sunday morning I was up at 6am for blood work and ultrasound after no sleep and puking the day before. I get there and sign in and since I go to a satellite office of my fertility clinic and not the main office they bring in an agency on weekends to do our ultrasounds. We have the option of going to the main office but it’s over an hour for me and I'm all set with that on a Sunday morning. So anywho, I sign in and sit down. There is one other woman already in the waiting room and a few couples file in after me. The tech comes out and calls a name that is neither the woman whom was waiting before me nor myself but rather a woman whom came in after me. Right there I knew this was going to take longer than necessary. So now we're going out of order and the tech is taking an ungodly amount of time to complete each ultrasound. We're talking like 30 mins each. I don't care if the woman had 40 follicles it does not take that long. This is coming from a woman who usually has over 20 and it’s never taken more than 10 mins start to finish. Finally she calls me back and tells me she's unable to sign into the system and is entering everything by hand so that's the reason for the delay. Well ok then, I can't blame the woman for that. She does my ultrasound and tells me everything looks fantastic and best of luck on Friday.

 The blood work is done at yet another site so I jump in my car and rush over there. I check in at the front desk and the phlebotomist proceeds to tell me that the currier has already come. I, of course, stare back at her with my best 'Are you fucking kidding me?!' look. She then says she'll call another but my blood work will be late. Ok then, were you just telling me to reprimand me for being late? I then told her that she better tell the currier that there will be more to follow because tech slowsky is having issues and there were more people to come.

At about noon, which is way earlier than my clinic ever calls and therefore my blood work was by no means 'late', a nurse calls with my instructions. Turns out tech slowsky doesn't know shit about shit and my lining is too thin for transfer. This NEVER happens. My lining is always thicker than necessary, so WTF!? They are upping the Little Blue Pills to 3x/day. Holy crap on a cracker. I'm going to have to go on short term disability for this.

I know what you're thinking. "A little over dramatic aren't we?" NO! We are not.

When I tell you I’m barely a functioning human being on a twice-a-day regimen I mean I don't do much more than cry, gag, complain, puke, and sleep. Three times a day may cause termination from my job, eviction from my home, and loss of all human contact. Ok, so maybe that was a little dramatic but c'mon (super whining).

I'm also afraid that AF won't hold out long enough for these little guys to implant. I put a call into my clinic this morning to see if they will prescribe a loading dose of progesterone. It's a one time high dose suppository to get a lot on board in a short amount of time and then I take my regular crinone right after it. My Dr. did it with my first cycle but for some reason never repeated it.

Have any of you ladies been told your lining was too thin and had to prolong your meds? Did your AF hold out as it should have?

It just blows my mind how the universe works. I'm a firm believer in 'you get what you give' and I feel like I’m putting out a serious amount of effort here and getting kicked back!

It doesn't help that I'm getting the same response at my job either.

Recently my boss has begun to micromanage certain aspects of my work. Now when I say micromanage I mean having his GIRLFRIEND proof read my work!! Can you EFFIN believe that!? The kicker is that he knows it pisses me off so he constantly apologizes for it. I'm assuming it has more to do with his personal life than my actual work because he tends to be a mussy when it comes to his relationships. (Mussy? Figure it out.) He is currently still married to his wife of 30 years and supports her, his girlfriend, and another home because he's afraid of confrontation with them. Mussy is the only appropriate word.

Doesn't the universe realize I'm crazy right now and have no desire to learn life's lessons of patience and virtues? Just allow me to learn the oldest lesson....procreation.


  1. Holy shit, that's craptastic weekend! I'm so sorry, Patty! Makes you wonder if slowsky there even measured your lining correctly! I hope the universe starts dishing out the good stuff soon!

  2. Jeezy Pete's!! You poor thing! Hopefully all the yucky stuff will happen now and not later! I have no clue about the lining, but I hope they get it straightened out. Will be thinking of you! Hugs. Keep hanging in there.